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Thank you very much for all your support and for the very nice and detailed social media release you posted! You have been approved for the Vitour P1 Affiliate Program! Also, if you like we will be happy to send you some decals. Please let us know if you would like us to send you some decals to help you promote ViTour P1 Tires. This is how our affiliate program works: Tell as many people as you can about ViTour P1 Tires and encourage them to purchase. Give them your special coupon code which will save them money. Everytime this coupon code is used to purchase P1 Tires, that purchaser will get on average about $25 off/Tire depending on what size they order. At the same time everytime this coupon code is used to purchase P1 Tires, you will receive on average about $25/Tire credit or cash depending on what size is ordered. You can use this as credit towards purchasing more P1 Tires or you can redeem for cash. You can also use this Special Coupon Code when purchasing your own tires

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