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ViTour Tempesta P1 Origin Story

ViTour Tires has invested millions of dollars and over seven years of development, collaborating with racers to create the pinnacle of Ultra High Performance (UHP) 200 Treadwear Tires. The journey began with less-than-ideal iterations, but our unwavering commitment to the vision propelled us forward. Through extensive testing with different compounds and tread patterns, we eventually produced a very good tire: the Enzo. While the Enzo, available in a non-DOT version for Formula Drift, was impressive, it wasn't the ultimate UHP 200TW tire we aimed for.

Continued development and rigorous testing led us to the ViTour Tempesta P1, the realization of our goal. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility uses advanced machinery identical to those used by top tire manufacturers globally.

The ViTour Tempesta P1 exceeds expectations in every way. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. The consensus aligns with our development findings: the P1 offers grip levels as good as or better than the competition, maintaining consistency throughout its lifecycle. It handles heat exceptionally well and, on a well-set-up car, outlasts competitors. Many users report improved performance as the tread wears down, transforming into a semi-slick with ample rubber left for consistently fast lap times.

Whether on a lightweight Miata or a heavyweight Tesla, the P1 stands as the pinnacle of UHP 200TW performance. Ideal for racers and performance-oriented street drivers alike, these tires promise an unparalleled driving experience. Try a pair, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

ViTour Tempesta P1 Manufacturing Plant

Behind the scenes at the plant where ViTour Tempesta P1s are manufactured.